Frequently Asked Questions

Login your account with your user id and password. On your dashboard you will get all your information. 

As you know, all upgrade system depends on your earning. You can upgrade to next level if your earning is greater than or equal to the upgrade amount. If you not refer two people, your earning will not be sufficient to upgrade for second level.

You can update all your details in the Profile update section.

This concept is running from 2016, by “ Gulab Kalyan Society “ NGO from Hajipur, Bihar. You can get all legal documents from website ( About us — Legal documents)

For becoming regional experts, you have to send your following details from your registered email ID on support@gulab150.in
Details – Userid, Name, Phone number, Language known, Region you belong to.
Necessary Condition – 4rd level upgrade, knowledge of plan, Give support to all (downline and crossline).

All payments are member to member. You will get payment, when your downline pay you for their upgrade. After getting payment, you have to upgrade them by clicking on “I accept” button on payment slip, on your dashboard.

1. You will get 150 from all your directs.
2. More directs helps you in increasing your team.

No, It is not compulsory to upgrade in 1 month.

We accept request for changes from registered mobile number or email only. You are requested to update your email and phone number both in your profile. If you lost one, you can give request from other option.

You have to submit proofs of payment and medium selected. Your Id will be upgraded and upline will be blocked. If your proofs found wrong, your Id will be blocked.

If receiver(upline) is not reachable, you can pay to us , your Id will be upgraded on behalf of upline and amount will be claimed by upline, when he is in reach.
Note :- Pay via Paytm only. Send payment proof and details of both ids via email on support@gulab150.in. We will pay via Paytm to upline when he claim from registered number.

Yes, you have to apply for transfer from registered mobile number or email only. User can apply for any changes in their profile.

Your upgrade depends on earning. If your earning is sufficient for upgrade, option will be available to you. Your pending payments will definitely comes to you, when your downline upgrade.

Web address doesn’t recognise “ spaces” . If your link containing blank space, please replace it with “ %20 “.It will definitely work. If possible, avoid blank space in UserID at time of registration.
Example:- http://system.gulab150.in/register/?id=abcd%20xyz

If You want to receive payment of particular level, you have to upgrade for that level. Otherwise, payment will be skipped to higher upline. It will affect you only. Neither your uplines or your downline affected by this.

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